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M.O.B. Raw offers a complete mix, contained in 1lb pre-cut frozen bricks.

What’s in it?

  • 40% Chicken
  • 20% Offal, Green Tripe, Heart, Liver, Kidney (Beef)
  • 20% Fish
  • 15% Red Meat and Bone (Beef)
  • 5% Cooked Eggs

Dry matter feed analysis shows:

  • 48% Protein
  • 33% Fat
  • 6% Ash

Ingredients are fine ground, mixed together, and then frozen. Just thaw and serve!

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M.O.B. Raw Windsor is here to satisfy all your needs when it comes to raw dog food. Place your order today and you will be contacted for same day pick up! We at M.O.B. Raw guarantee that our quality raw dog food will satisfy you and your pup!

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Choose How Much You Want for Your Pet!

M.O.B. Raw offers a variety of amounts to purchase at various amounts of prices. Here at M.O.B. Raw, our general rule of thumb is to start feeding at about 2%-3% of the weight of your dog, and adjust accordingly over time.

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Liability Disclaimer

All the feed products sold by MOBRAWWINDSOR.COM are not cooked. All ingredients have come from human food plants inspected by the Federal or Provincial Agents. The ingredients are either immediately frozen or appropriately chilled and then frozen within 24 hours. All machinery used at our suppliers kitchen is regularly washed and disinfected. We do our best to ensure that all the feed products are as fresh and free of bacteria as possible. Raw food must be maintained at -20 degrees Celsius prior to use. Keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products. MOBRAWWINDSOR.COM and its suppliers cannot be responsible for the appropriate storage and safe use of raw meat.

MOB Raw Windsor Will Be Away & Unavailable from Frebruary 17 - February 26. We Apologize For Any Inconvenience. Thank You!